Workshop: Let’s get radical! (a group therapy)

Monday, June 17, 2019 in Las Vegas
Full-Day: 8:30am – 3:30pm

Do you feel like I do? Do you feel something is wrong with the way you’ve been doing analytics? The mainstream idea was to gather Business Requirements from stakeholders, define KPIs, create a Solution Design, Implement, Test, Go Live and hope for the best. Tell me. Seriously. How is it going for you?

The thing is… your stakeholders typically don’t have a clue or they don’t know how to properly articulate their needs. Don’t ask them! (or they will make up something!)

The thing is… there’s never enough budget, enough resources.. there are always new tools to learn and a constant deluge of requests! Stop complaining and do something about it!

Take the lead – be the expert! Pave the way, show them the light!

The Digital Analytics Maturity Model was the start – it allowed Stéphane to help countless clients and agencies uncover their strengths and weaknesses in key areas of analytical success. They learned how to use a maturity model – the one he introduced or any other one – to create more realistic analytics roadmaps. A couple of years ago he started asking, “just between us, how is it really going for you?”. He realized many things we were told might not actually work that well. He gathered some of those points and published the Radical Analytics Manifesto.

This is your opportunity to be part of the conversation – and get solutions.

Be forewarned, this *isn’t* your traditional workshop! Instead, see it as an opportunity to share the challenges you are facing with a small group of like-minded people, in a safe environment, where you won’t be judged – think of it as a group therapy! Even more, to make sure we are in the right ambiance, this activity won’t be in a conventional conference room – we actually prefer a more cozy environment. Be aware, however: you are expected to do some prep work and you need to come ready to actively contribute..

Stéphane Hamel
Stéphane Hamel

Strategic Advisor & Investor in Privacytech


Key takeaways:

  • Assess your strengths & weaknesses using a digital analytics maturity model
  • Identify the root cause of common pain points faced by analysts
  • Get actionable management tips to break walls and achieve new heights (note: we won’t talk about technical tricks in this workshop, we will focus on those aspects which makes you a better analyst)

Who is it for?

This activity will benefit marketers, analysts, consultants and managers alike with any level of experience. Please note seats are limited and Stéphane reserves the right to select participants if there’s high demand – better reserve early!


As a bonus, each participant will have the opportunity to get a half hour one-on-one follow-up session with Stéphane Hamel

Workshop Pricing

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Stéphane Hamel, Consultant, Digital Analytics Thought Leader

Stéphane Hamel is a seasoned independent consultant, entrepreneur and distinguished thought leader in the field of digital marketing & analytics. He advises his global clients, agencies, start-ups, and vendors in the digital analytics industry on data maturity matters and how to grow a data-informed culture.

Recognized as a Google Product Strategy Expert (2016) and considered one the Most Influential Industry Contributor by the Digital Analytics Association (2012), he has made significant contributions to the industry: authoring the Radical Analytics Manifesto (2016), creating the Digital Analytics Maturity Model (2009), and the Web Analytics Solution Profiler (2006) quality assurance tool, as well as other tools and concepts throughout his thirty years of experience. His latest venture is Da Vinci Tools – a collection of Google Marketing Platform power tools for smart digital marketers and analysts.

Stéphane previously held a leadership position with the award-winning Cardinal Path agency and board positions with the Digital Analytics Association. He holds an MBA specialized in eBusiness from ULaval (2009) where he teaches the fundamentals of digital analytics to Marketing Masters and MBA students, taught hundreds of students enrolled in UBC’s Award of Achievement in Digital Analytics and is Faculty Chair, Digital Marketing & Analytics, for SimpliLearn / Market Motive since 2016. To this date, Stéphane has shared his passion in over a hundred speaking, webinars and workshops events held across North America and Europe.