Workshop: SQL For Marketers – Collect, Connect and Get the data you need for deeper analysis and effective marketing

Thursday, June 20, 2019 in Las Vegas
Full-Day: 9:00am – 4:30pm

Before R and Python and machine learning and even pivot tables, there was the ANSI standard language for relational database management systems. This is where you start with everything you need to know as a marketing professional or a digital analyst.

In this full day hands-on workshop, you will learn the fundamentals of database and SQL that marketers and marketing analysts need to conduct deeper analysis on the customer and marketing data.

Anil Batra
Anil Batra

Managing Partner

Some of the things your will learn in this course are:

1.     How to combine data from various sources such email, CRM etc.

2.     Score your customers based on their purchase behavior

3.     Categories your customers based on various criteria stored in
        different systems

4.     Conduct cohort analysis

5.     Find your most profitable customer

6.     Find loyal customers


7.     Find customers at risk of churn so that you can proactively engage them

8.     Find attributes for various customers types so that you can focus on marketing to find or avoid similar customers.

9.     Use this data to augment your Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics data.

10.  Combine offline and online data to create remarketing lists in Google Ads


By the end of this workshop

  • You’ll understand databases and SQL
  • Learn how to harness data from various sources to become a better marketer.
  • You’ll learn how to write SQL queries so that you don’t have to be dependent on your developers.
  • You will add a valuable new skill to your arsenal that will immediately make you a better data-driven marketer, marketing analysts and growth hacker.
  • You’ll have readymade SQL scripts and recipes that you can use right away.

Workshop Pricing

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Anil Batra, Consultant, Speaker, Teacher, Author

Anil is a seasoned Digital Marketing and Analytics professional with 15 years of experience. He has worked with companies ranging from Fortune 50 to startups and has helped them improve marketing results. His customers include Microsoft, SmartMoney, ESPN, T-Mobile, Hoovers, RealNetworks, Starbucks, and TheStreet. He holds a B. Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering from India and an MBA from University of Washington, Seattle.

Anil has taught and trained several Marketing and Analytics folks in past nine years of teaching at UBC, University of Washington and Bellevue College, and speaking engagements at various conferences as well as his blog. He teaches Digital Marketing, Digital Analytics, Google Analytics, Tableau and Social Media courses. He also served on the Board of Digital Analytics Association (DAA) and was instrumental in starting the DAA Symposiums.

Anil is the founder of Global Analytics Academy and Optizent, a Digital Marketing and Analytics consulting company.