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How Marketing Analytics Summit is Different from the Rest

Marketing Analytics Summit - How Marketing Analytics Summit is Different from the Rest

Greetings Fellow Analytics Enthusiasts,

Please allow me to introduce you to the Marketing Analytics Summit, June 1-4 in Las Vegas.

Marketing Analytics Summit Origin Story

The Marketing Analytics Summit started in 2002 as the “eMetrics Summit: A Web Analytics Conference”. Oh boy, have times changed. We (the audience) created the Digital Analytics Association because we evolved from web analytics to all-marketing analytics in almost no time.

That means this conference has been running for 19 years and it continues to be at the forefront of measuring and analyzing how well our online marketing is doing.

Brand Essence

The Marketing Analytics Summit started as a place where people who did this weird job could FINALLY meet face to face. This was miraculous because back then, nobody else in the company understood what we did for a living. There was nobody to talk to!

Therefore, we became an instant, marketing analytics support group. We had gathered to learn from each other and to help each other and that ethos has shaped this industry from the beginning. We are the bloggers, the tweeters, the people who hang out on Measure.Slack.

The Marketing Analytics Summit is about people who are doing amazing work, learning from others doing amazing work.

Whom You’ll Meet

You will meet people who know what sort of problems you are facing.

You will meet people who know how to solve that finicky issue with your dataflow.

You will meet people who know how to convince upper management to provide more resources.

You will meet people who have issues that you have faced before and you can help them.

You will meet people like: 

  • Vidya Subramanian, creator of her own career from software engineer to web analyst to Analytics Leader at the best-known consumer electronics company in Cupertino (which we are not allowed to name).
  • Gary Angel, creator of “Functionalism” back in 2006. He’s been there and done that and knows the score.
  • Gabi Steele and Leah Weiss, creators of DataCult, a process to build a culture of data-driven thinking.
  • Tim Wilson, creator of Digital Analytics Power Hour and the Quintessential Analyst ™.
  • Dean Abbott, creator of an analytics consulting practice that has spanned two decades.
  • Melinda Byerley, creator of Stain’ Alive Podcast and an analytics consulting practice that has spanned two and a half decades.
  • Cory Underwood, creator of an amazing blog about A/B Testing, Personalization, Privacy and Analytics
  • David McBride creator of digital analytics frameworks for large companies.
  • Ben Gaines, creator of a pivotal role at Omniture/Adobe over 20 years.

And many more:

How MAS20 is Different from the Rest

Marketing Analytics Summit goes deep but stays vendor agnostic. We focus on management, strategy, career, methodology, workflow, and yes, a fair amount of technology.

Marketing Analytics Summit is where disparate people get together; across industries, across enterprise sizes, across tech stacks, across experience.

If you’re new at this marketing analytics stuff, come to the Marketing Analytics Summit to learn from industry leaders. If you are an old hand at this stuff, come and hang with your colleagues and friends, and help educate and inspire the next generation. Oh yeah, and if you’re hiring? It’s a great place for recruiting, too.

Why I Love it So Much

Remember that brand essence thing, above? That’s what I love.

When I get an email from somebody who says this conference helped them:

  • set their career path
  • got a raise/bonus/promotion
  • write a book

it just makes me realize how much I love putting people together who can and want to help each other.

So Now You Know

And so now you should register for the Marketing Analytics Summit to learn a lot, meet a lot of people, and become a lot more valuable to your company or clients.


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