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What Will I Learn at Marketing Analytics Summit?

Marketing Analytics Summit - What Will I Learn at Marketing Analytics Summit?

What Will I Learn at Marketing Analytics Summit? 

You will learn a metric ton at the Marketing Analytics SummitLas Vegas, NV, June 1-4.

Attendees come from all over the world to share their best marketing analytics:

  • Tips

  • Traps

  • Advice

  • Lessons

  • Insights

The presenters are corporate practitioners, consultants, vendors, and consulting analysts. The assembled IQ is off the charts. 


  • The number of insights is not proportional to the amount of data. There is no correlation.

  • There are diminishing returns going after perfect data. It will never be perfect.

  • Dividing visitors by demographic is helpful but the real gold is in that fraction who share a half a dozen characteristics or behaviors.

  • The interconnectedness of elements and the law of unintentional consequences must always be kept in mind lest we imagine that we have infinite control.

  • If you can match behavior data with attitudinal data, that’s good. If you can match the two of those to verbatim comments, that’s magic.

  • Think of data like food. Too little leads to malnutrition. Too much leads to indigestion. Too bland is boring. Too rich leads to a mad dash to the bathroom.

  • It’s all about HOPE:

            Hypotheses – have an opinion
            Observation – understand the human side of the equation
Prediction – make a guess
Experimentation – run some tests

  • Every six months or so, stop all automated reports and see how many recipients notice, how many complain and how many are relieved.

  • Analysis is for those with business acumen. Otherwise you are a statistician – a user of tools rather than a diviner of understanding.

  • Prioritize analysis when

              Revenue is at risk
The boss’s boss asks for it
It does not overwhelm the department
It requires an analyst rather than simply being self-served

  • A great analyst has more white matter than most. Grey matter are the neurons that can solve a linear problem. Lots of grey matter is important. White matter is the stuff that connects the linear processors in a non-linear way.

  • The only metrics that matter are money and customer satisfaction.

  • All statistics are political.

Want to learn more? Yes. Yes, you do.

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We look forward to seeing you at Marketing Analytics Summit!

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