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It’s never too soon to get a jump on the inevitable..

Marketing Analytics Summit - It's never too soon to get a jump on the inevitable..

It’s never too soon to get a jump on the inevitable..

Here’s a head start on YOUR Trip Report for the Marketing Analytics Summit June 17-20, 2019 in Las Vegas.

Dear Team,

While I was at the Marketing Analytics Summit, I picked up some brilliant tipssignificant insights, and important advice.

I am confident we can put a lot of this wisdom to use immediately. Even better, I met some amazing people we can contact for help down the road.

Opening Keynote:

It’s now official: machine learning in marketing is a force to be reckoned with. Kamelia Aryafar, the Chief Algorithms Officer at, gave practical examples of ML and AI for e-commerce. Right now, we have a window of opportunity to gain a competitive advantage by improving recommendations, engagement prediction, and customer loyalty improvement if we enable full integration of ML and AI with business through experimentation. Her deck is attached.

The One-Page Marketing Success Plan

This is an amazing tool! It’s so succinct and compact, but it packs a punch! Mary Owusu, VP of Analytics and SEO at Mower delivered the Marketing Success Plan that meaningfully aligns all the moving parts of any marketing campaign to specific business outcomes. Yes, it’s only one page, but it includes identifying the technical, operational and creative requirements, and enumerates the strategic, tactical, and analytics requirements necessary for success. This thing manages marketing KPIs and sets our projects up for success from the very beginning. Let’s meet next week to discuss!

“Best. Advice. Ever.”

This was a collaborative session where I met ________ from ______, ________ from ______, and ______ from ______. After I described our issue with ________, they spontaneously came up with the following ideas:

It was an amazing session!

And all that was just the first morning. Now, I’m off to find out what the Digital Analytics Association is doing these days at their luncheon. Did you know that the DAA was created 15 years ago by the attendees at this conference? These are the right people to get to know!


This can be the start of YOUR Trip Report if you register now for the Marketing Analytics Summit.

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