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What You’ll Miss if You Don’t Go

Marketing Analytics Summit - What You'll Miss if You Don't Go

Top 3 Reasons for Marketing Analytics Summit

What You’ll Miss if You Don’t Go


I received one of those emails that stopped me from doing whatever it was I was supposed to be doing, before I even looked at Twitter:

Good day!

I would like a little help convincing our company to send a couple of us to the Marketing Analytics Summit. What would be the top 3 benefits to attend this conference for an analytics team? Highly appreciate your response.

As a marketing guy, I’ve tried to be as clear about this as possible for 17 years. You may have even seen the email we sent out: How to Convince Your Boss that the Marketing Analytics Summit is a Good Investment

But when I got this question, I realized I had come up with too many reasons! Which of these are the Top 3 for you?

  • Analytics is at the heart of marketing.

  • Increase your familiarity with marketing analytics – exposure breeds confidence. 

  • Meet the people who can help you today – and down the road when you’re feeling like it’s just you against the data.

  • Make new friends. No, really – people say they come back because their friends are here!

  • Get great advice on improving your professional trajectory.

  • Learn from the mistakes of others.

  • See the latest and greatest tools and ask vendors the tough questions.

  • Up your game presenting insights to management. 

  • See how others have created a data-enriched culture. 

  • Get comfortable with machine learning tools and techniques.

  • Learn the secrets to prioritizing ad-hoc analytics requests.

  • Find out how leaders are fine-tuning attribution. 

  • Discover a world of professional options and steer your career.

Which of these do you think are the Top 3?

Win my book.

Email me right back at [email protected] and I’ll put in your name to win a copy of my latest book: Artificial Intelligence for Marketing: Practical Applications. Free is good, right? 

And I will send you a 10% discount on the Marketing Analytics Summit!

Win, win!


Jim Sterne,
Marketing Analytics Summit

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