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Feedback from Marketing Analytics Summit 2018

Marketing Analytics Summit - Feedback from Marketing Analytics Summit 2018

What did attendees like?

  • Meeting new people and vendors and learning, learning, learning

  • Meeting leaders within the industry that I had previously only known by name

  • Learning about trends in the space but also reinforcing what we already knew

  • Getting to meet fellow professionals

  • I like the case studies and actual tactical advice from experts on analytics and marketing

  • Catching up with people

  • The amount of varied content was great – something for everyone

  • The speakers were very engaging and had highly relevant content

  • Different tracks to choose from on the fly without signup

  • Learning from all the experts

  • Low on sales, high on quality content

  • Got answers to all of my questions

  • Helpful how-to talks with usable tips

  • Sheer number of connections I made

  • The deep-dive workshops

  • The more interactive, hands on elements of sessions

  • The speakers were truly interested in helping advance everybody (vs. themselves)

  • Connecting with like-minded people

  • Very engaging and practical

  • The opportunity to talk to people who do the same work but for different industries

  • The handouts with to do lists, models, etc.

  • Fantastic takeaways

  • Talking with people I wouldn’t normally talk to in a way that’s meaningful for my career

  • Diverse speakers and topics

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